About Us

“29 years of excellence”


Martens is three generations of craftsmanschip, we create and design jewellry in our atelier. It is an infinite journey searching for the finest selection of precious gems and pearls. For you we are eager to push our limits and deliver only the best quality.
In addition we also offer a beautiful selection of hand picked renowned brands from Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

The appearance schould be a reflection of the inner nature.
Jewelry has the ability to add personality, they are the items that make her unique, let her shine. Each jewel had its own story and these stories are cherished over the years. Often passed on to family or close friends.
It is our mission to help you in the search of that perfect jewelry piece.


Our team of designers and goldsmiths guarantee excellent service and precision.
We are here for more then just sales, we are here to help you with the repairs and adjustments of your precious jewels. Additionally at Martens we also provide the service of restringing pearls. Each piece is treated with care.

Creations, Design and transformations

Do you have jewelry in gold you no longer wear but would like to see these precious materials transformed into a contemporary creation? We can help you. Feel free to make an appointment where we shall listen to your requests and advise you.
We can provide you with a proposal and possibly 3D drawing of the desired jewel.
After consultation, the jewel is manufactered according to your requirements.

Do you have a specific idea for a piece of jewelry? We would like to help you.
We turn your ideas into a high quality jewel. After consultation we start looking for the required materials, appropriate design and corresponding quotation.
Just a few weeks after that you can admire your dream jewel.


With passion for our profession, curiosity and creativity, we push ourselves to continue to amaze. Customer care and service have ensured trust with many of our loyal customers. 
We kindly invite you to our boutique in Aalst.